Will I see 70? Will I see my family before I die?

My father died at age 68 in April 1984, four months before his 69th birthday.

My mother died at age 62 in October 1984, two months before her 63rd birthday.

My brother Bob died at age 69 in February 2004, two months before his 70th birthday.

My brother Richard died at age 68 in August 2013, five months before his 69th birthday.

I am now age 69, and two weeks from today, it will be my 70th birthday, if I am fortunate enough to live until then.

All of which brings me to this:
I very seldom get the opportunity to see or speak with my adult children or my grandchildren. I know they all have busy lives of their own; however, as the days and weeks and months go by without them having the time to see or speak with me, I feel as though I have been abandoned. I telephone them and, more often than not, get an answering machine or voice mail; I leave a message and my telephone call usually isn’t returned. I send e-mail that most times is unanswered. I send text messages that may or may not get a response. I use social media that are also used by two of my three adult children; they do not respond to my postings, but I see that they interact with others on social media. During these long stretches of not hearing from them, there isn’t a day that goes by that I do not wonder if I will get to see or speak with my adult children or my grandchildren before I die.

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Stop The Family Feud Already!

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Lonely on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in the United States of America is most often viewed as a happy joyous time with family and friends over a festive meal and watching football on television.

But, it is not that way for a large number of people. Indeed,  there are many people on Thanksgiving Day who are either alone or lonely or depressed,  or any combination of those three things. For further reading on this, I suggest the following articles for you to read:

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Who Will Cry For Me?

I recently saw a status update on Facebook that was introduced with the comment “Let us live!!!” That opening statement was followed with a shared video from the Facebook account of Strong Mind @stronggmindd. The video was entitled “ON THE DAY I DIE” and included a scrolling message accompanied by soft music. I saw no attribution as to the source of the written message contained therein.

However, upon doing an internet search, I believe I have found the originating source over on website for John Pavlovitz which is titled JOHN PAVLOVITZ  Stuff That Needs To Be Said (© 2017 JOHN PAVLOVITZ).

Please go on over to On the Day I Die, FEBRUARY 29, 2016 / JOHN PAVLOVITZ in order to read that inspiring message. I promise you will like it. And oh, by the way, over at that web page of John Pavlovitz, you will be able to read many interesting comments that have been left by readers.

That all being said and done and on a very personal note, my mind has long been beleaguered by a nagging thought, which is:
I cannot help but wonder, “On the day I die, who will cry for me?”

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Roland Louis Hansen Quote on The Path Of Life.

May the path of everyday life lead you to peaceful, happy contentment.

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Open Door Policy

I saw something on one of the internet social media sites that reminds me of the open door policy once practiced by many Americans, including the generations preceding mine and my own generation in its earlier adulthood. It seems to me that most people nowadays do not practice the open door policy. Oh, there are plenty of people who talk about it, but, do not truly practice it in reality.

I have told family, friends, and neighbors during my entire life that I have an open door policy. With extreme rare exceptions over the past 50 years, I have not been taken up on my offer. Well, I still observe and practice the open door policy as is described in the copy and paste job from that internet social media site reproduced below. I wish more people would accept my offer more frequently; and, I also wish that others would also practice the same policy.


My door is always open. My house is safe. Coffee can be on in minutes, and my dining room table is a place of peace and non-judgment. Anyone who needs to chat is welcome anytime. It’s no good suffering in silence. I have food in the fridge, coffee in the cupboard, listening ears and shoulders to cry on. I will always be here…and you are always welcome!!
This is an old value that has been lost to technology…a text, a facetime or an emoji is not the equivalent of making time for those we love and care about!
Could at least one friend please copy and re-post? We are trying to demonstrate that someone is always willing to listen, you never really need to be alone.

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Aging, Initiative, Motivation, Vision.

As I approach my 70th birithday, I reflect upon the following meme. From it, I extrapolate that it could be a keen observation on the inter-relationship of aging, initiative, motivation, and vision.

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