Wade “Skippy” Kapszukiewicz Is Asking For Money.

Going back to his first election back in November 1995, Wade “Skippy” Kapszukiewicz has continuously held one elected political office after another in Lucas County, Ohio as an avowed Democrat.

First, he was elected to the Lucas County Educational Service Center Governing Board. Very soon afterwards, while in the middle of his elected 4-year term on the LCESC Governing Board, Kapszukiewicz announced he was having a political fundraiser as he proclaimed his intention to run for a seat in the Ohio House of Representatives. He abandoned that political goal when the Lucas County Democratic Party tapped Toledo City Councilwoman Jeanine Perry for State Representative. However, Skippy did not just abandon his run for State Rep; he struck a deal with the Lucas County Democratic Party.

In return for dropping a campaign for the Ohio House, Kapszukiewicz received a promise that he would be appointed to the unexpired term on Toledo City Council vacated by Jeanine Perry upon her election to the Ohio House seat. Voilà, Skippy resigned his seat on the LCESC Governing Board in order to accept the appointment to Toledo City Council.

In 2002, while on Toledo City Council, Wade K unsuccessfully sought appointment to a vacant unexpired elected term on the Board of Lucas County Commissioners. The vacancy was the result of Bill Copeland resigning his seat on the Board as a Lucas County Commissioner due to poor health.

Later on, while still on Toledo City Council and shortly after having won an elected term to that seat, Skippy sought election to become Lucas County Treasurer, replacing fellow Democrat Ray Kest. Indeed, Kapszukiewicz did, in fact, run for, and won, election to the Treasurer’s office. While the election for Lucas County Treasurer takes place in November, the term of office for Lucas County Treasurer actually does not begin until September of the following year. But, politically ambitious, office-jumping, opportunist, egocentric Wade “Skippy” Kapszukiewicz instead of fulfilling his elected time on Toledo City Council lobbied almost immediately to be appointed to the office of Lucas County Treasurer many, many months prior to the official date to which he was elected. An early appointment did not happen, and poor Skippy had to wait until September to ascend to his golden throne room overseeing all that public money flowing through the Treasurer’s office.

In the year 2015, Skippy announced his desire to run for Mayor of the City of Toledo, Ohio in the special election that was being held due to the unfortunate death of incumbent Mayor Mike Collins in mid-term. However, Kapszukiewicz dropped those plans and instead publicly announced his support and endorsement of Paula Hicks-Hudson, who as President of Toledo City Council had succeeded via the city charter to the Office of Mayor.

In 2016, Wade “Skippy” Kapszukiewicz ran for re-election as Lucas County Treasurer. He won that election in November: but, the new term does not begin until September 2017.

So, here we are now in the year 2017 and Skippy has decided he really doesn’t want to be Lucas County Treasurer, after all; instead, he has decided that he would rather be the Mayor of Toledo, Ohio.

But, there is a stumbling block to Skippy’s political desires. Incumbent Paula-Hicks Hudson is seeking re-election to a full 4-year term as Mayor of the City of Toledo, Ohio. She received the endorsement of both the Lucas County Democratic Party and the Ohio Democratic Party. Regardless of the endorsements and in spite of Democratic Party endorsement of Mayor Hicks-Hudson, avowed Democrat Skippy has decided to seek the position for himself.

Over the course of time, Kapszukiewicz has built up a very sizeable political war chest, having had annual fundraisers in non-election years, in additional to extensive election year political fundraising. Skippy has also aligned himself with other politicos from other parts of Ohio, including former Ottawa County Commissioner, State Representative from the 89th district, and Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris “Dippy” Redfern, who in 2014 resigned his party chairmanship in political disgrace.

As part of his campaign strategy, Kapszukiewicz makes extensive use of electronic “newsletters” and has had a strong presence on internet social media and elsewhere on the internet.

Skippy also continues to send out e-mails in his egomaniacal drive at self-promotion. Here is a copy of the e-mail The Boy Who Would Be King sent out on June 26, 2017:

“Thank you for supporting my campaign for Mayor. Your willingness to volunteer, put up a sign or make a donation are so appreciated by me.

I’ve been so fortunate over the last few months since I announced my campaign to be Toledo’s next Mayor to meet many voters, business leaders and community advocates. My message to all of them is simple: Toledo must do better. When I am Mayor, we will. We will do it with new leadership and big ideas.

But I can’t do this alone and that is where you come in.

This Friday is the first campaign finance deadline of this race. I’m asking you to dig deep and
make a donation to help us raise $3,000.00 on line this week.

If you can, give $22 (our average on line contribution) to help us reach this goal.
Cant give $22? How about $15?
You know I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t truly important!

Every donation matters. So, If you can, please make a contribution before June 30th deadline. Whatever amount you can contribute will help.


Thank you for being part of our team.
Together, we can do better for all of Toledo.


So, there you have it – the title of this Roland’s Ramblings entry:
Wade “Skippy” Kapszukiewicz Is Asking For Money.

I wonder how much money Chris “Dippy” Redfern is giving. These two career politicians interact like a dog and pony show. I can hear the clowns clamoring now for The Skippy and Dippy Show.

For an encore Roland’s Ramblings about Wade “Skippy” Kapszukiewicz, follow the embedded link to go over to read:
Toledoan Wade Kapszukiewicz was the Topic of a September 14, 2005 Toledo Talk Message Thread.

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12 Steps To Self Care

April Showers posted more about this over at Mind Body and Soul.
Go take a look-see and read “Take these twelve basic steps to lovingly care for yourself”

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Concerns About Aging Parents

A few questions for those of you who have aging parents:

1. Are your parents able to take care of themselves?
2. Are your parents experiencing memory loss?
3. Are your parents safe in their home?
4. Are your parents safe on the road?
5. Have your parents lost weight?
6. Are your parents in good spirits?
7. Are your parents still social?
8. Are your parents able to get around?

Read what Mayo Clinic has to say about all that in their article:
Aging parents: 8 warning signs of health problems

You might also be interested in the following articles:

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A Remorseful Dad Thinking Of Father’s Day

I am now in my seventieth year of life and my forty-fourth year as a father.

As another Father’s Day is fast approaching, I find myself full of remorse. While Father’s Day 2017 is two days away, it is not only just now that finds me feeling remorseful; I have felt this way for many, many years now.

I often find myself thinking I could have, and should have, been a better father to my three children, all in their early 40s now. On several occasions throughout the years, I have told my adult children that I am sorry that I had not been a good father, or a better father, during their earlier years. In my attempts to help explain my shortcomings and/or failings as a young father years ago, I have also told them that I had no role model of whom I could emulate because I had been raised by my mother in a single-parent home and my father took no active role in my life until my mid-20s. I have never received a response of any kind or in any way to any of those apologies of mine.

I have the same thoughts today as I did back on June 16, 2011 when I wrote, in part, “…  I often wonder about the memories my two sons and my daughter have of their childhood. In regards to their growing up years, I wonder if they enjoyed their years growing up; I wonder if they felt loved; I wonder what pleasant memories they may have; I wonder what unpleasant memories they have; I wonder what they thought of me as a father. I wonder all these things and more.”

For a better and more complete understanding of that to which I referenced in the immediate preceding paragraph, please open the embedded link to read the entire Roland’s Ramblings entry, A Father’s Wish.

I realize that the past cannot be undone. I realize that dwelling on past mistakes is not emotionally healthy. None-the-less, I am human, and as such, I am just as prone to making the same error in thinking over and over again as any other human being.

I know I should live for the present (and hopefully, for the future) in being the best father I can be. Again, none-the-less, I rue having not been the best possible father that my children so deserved in their childhood and adolescence.

I really do think that I must not have been a good father to my kids when they were growing up. I do not to think otherwise; because, I have never heard my sons or daughter say that I was a good dad or that they were proud of me or anything of a postive nature about me. It’s just that plain and simple to me; if nothing positive has been expressed, then I infer that their thoughts of me as a father are likely to be negative.

And, that saddens me. Ergo, I feel remorseful.

A few other past writings of mine in regards to fathers and Father’s Day include:

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Gwen Hansen Carpenter Klatt. Charlotte Hansen. Elizabeth Hansen. Bethany Hansen. Jared Hansen.

Gwen Hansen Carpenter Klatt


Charlotte Hansen


Elizabeth Hansen


Bethany Hansen


Jared Hansen


Source: All photos are from the respective person’s Facebook page.

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Memorial Day 2017. Richard James Hansen.

Another year. Another Memorial Day.

Thinking of my brother Richard James Hansen on this Memorial Day 2017.

Rest In Peace, Rich.

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Remembering Richard James Hansen

I miss my brother, Rich.

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