Never Look Down On Anyone!

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Hate, Regret, Fear – Be Gone! Karen Salmansohn

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Ponder Me This

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USA Anti-Semitism Abounds Even In Toledo, Ohio

Jewish people have been subjected to prejudice, discrimation, persecution, slavery, torture, and mass murder for centuries and even thousands of years throughout the world.

The Jewish people in the United States of America have been targetted, as well. The Toledo, Ohio Jewish population is not exempt. Take a look at this WTOL Channel 11 News report entitled “Man charged with attempting to commit a hate crime after allegedly planning attacks against Toledo synagogues.”

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I like having visitors, but

I rarely have anyone visit me.

die and they will come to see you

I make it a point to keep in touch with many of my family and friends. I also make it a point to visit them, whenever they are available for and desirous of a personal visit. Even though “the street goes both ways” as has been said, it is the rare exception for anyone to reciprocate.

That being stated right up front, I say thank goodness for my sister Cheryl Ann Hansen Desgrange along with her husband, my brother-in-law Charles D. (Chuck) Desgrange, Sr., for my brother Ronald Einar (Ron) Hansen along with his wife, my sister-in-law Mary Grace Braatz Hansen, and for my cousin David L. Hansen along with his wife, my cousin-in-law Helen Neal Hansen. These are the folks who check in with me and make it a point to come to visit my wife Judy Rosenberg Hansen and me on a regular basis.

Cheryl and Chuck live an hour drive away. Ron and Mary live more than a two and one-half hour drive away. David and Helen live an hour and a half drive away. Dozens and dozens of other family members and friends live within a 15 to 30 minute drive away,  but rarely, if ever, come to my house to visit me or get together somewhere or another, with friends Maggie and Mark, who I dearly love and appreciate, being the biggest exception in that regard.

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USA. Keep Our Schools All American!

USA. Keep Our Schools All American!
All American = All Inclusive.
No Prejudice. No Discrimination. No Intolerance.

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Tragedy vs. Travesty

Read all about this at –

Source: Tragedy vs. Travesty

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