Dale Pertcheck, Lifelong Friend.

I first met Dale Pertcheck in the summer of 1965, shortly after high school graduation when I was 17 before I began college in September and before I had turned 18 in November of that year.

Transpose that age of 17 then to my age of 71 now in December of 2018 (and the December of my life) and I can tell you that Dale has always been there for me. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have such a true friend in Dale Pertcheck.

I think of Dale often and how supportive he has always been of me. I have known some other friends longer and some for less time, a few of whom have been good friends, but none who have been as true, supportive, loyal, and nonjudgmental as has Dale.

Dale is a bona fide, real life mensch, the type of person of whom my mother had taught me to aspire

Regardless of all that has transpired over the more than 5 decades since our first encounter, Dale has always been, and still is, there for me. I treasure my lifelong friend, Dale Pertcheck, more than words could ever adequately express and more than he could ever know.

To Dale, I say,
“Thank you, Dale, you have been my achor during my entire adult life.”

Dale Pertcheck, November 2007


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Your time is the most precious gift you can give your elderly parents and grandparents.

I saw the following on the Facebook wall of my wonderful wife, Judy Rosenberg Hansen, who introduced it with the comment “I’m old now, I get it! I pray the kids and grandkids see this!”

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You Are Who You’ve Been Looking For by Adam Roa

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Commenting on Political Discourse

“I find it somewhat disconcerting that some people totally lack civility in their political discourse with others when there is a difference of political opinion. Sad. Why cannot people be respectful of one another in expressing opposing views? Why do some folks find it necessary to personally attack the messenger (the individual person with whom they have a difference of opinion) becoming verbally abusive in a bullying manner rather than providing an intelligent point-counterpoint dialog based on facts as opposed to hearsay.” – Roland Louis Hansen, November 1, 2012.

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Speaking Of Respect

I read an interesting article on the internet about respect. It opens with the following:

We all have certain expectations in life of how we want to be treated. When we’re reasonable with our expectations, when we don’t expect too much, and when we simply expect to be treated with respect, and in a dignified manner, we’re not really asking too much. First of all, it’s important that we’re able to differentiate between what normal expectations are and what unreasonable or unrealistic expectations are. Once we know the difference, and we can clearly see that we’re being treated poorly by others or in a way that’s completely inappropriate and unsatisfactory, we need to make a decision not to keep those types of people in our lives.

We should always surround ourselves with people that love and respect us. And at the very least, we should love ourselves enough where we don’t stand by while people treat us poorly. They say that respect is earned, and that it should never be demanded. However, contrary to that belief system, we all deserve to be respected to a certain degree. People also say that you get what you give to others. This is something that’s relevant towards any type of relationship that you have. And this belief system, I tend to agree with wholeheartedly.

We should always treat others with respect, and we should treat them in the same manner in which we hope to be treated as well. But when you’re respectful to others, and they treat you poorly or act rude to you in different ways, it’s important to recognize that, and communicate your feelings to them. But if nothing changes, and those people don’t respect you regardless of you having communicated your feelings to them, you should end those relationships.

You may read the entire article by opening the attached link:
The Reasonable Expectation of Being Respected, Posted on January 24, 2017 by Anne Cohen

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Nobody knows the real me.

Here is an interesting meme (author unknown) that I found on the internet.

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