History Continues To Repeat Itself. Democracy Can Allow The Rise Of A Dictatorship.

Democracy can be a fragile thing.

During the height of Ancient Greece, people were expected to pay homage to Alexander the Great.

At its zenith, the people of the Roman Empire were expected to proudly proclaim “Hail, Caesar!”

In the early 1930s through the early 1940s, people in Germany and the people residing within its sphere of expanded territorial influence would clamor in unison,  “Sieg Heil” to Adolf Hitler.

It seems that people do not learn from history.

The governments of Ancient Greece, of Ancient Rome, and of the Weimar Republic in Germany (1919 – 1933) were democracies that gave way to dictatorships.

History continues to repeat itself.

All this gives way to the following YouTube video interview that I wish to share with the readers of Roland’s Ramblings. It is entitled “Shutting Down Bulls!*t with a Holocaust Survivor.”

The video interview is food for thought, especially considering that some people today believe that the Democracy of American Government is being threatened because of the recent election for President of the United States of America by Donald Trump.

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Move Over, Marie Kondo: Make Room for the Hygge Hordes

I am using the tool known as “Press This” in order to have the article below re-published on Roland’s Ramblings. Open the embedded link that is contained below in order to read the entire article.

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If you believe in wonderful, it will be!


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Our Top 12: The Jews Behind the Christmas Songs

Meet the Jews behind 12 of the most famous Christmas songs of all time.

Source: Our Top 12: The Jews Behind the Christmas Songs

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2016 Winter Solstice

I am writing this Roland’s Ramblings blog entry from my home in Toledo, Ohio as the Winter Solstice is about to arrive. The official start of winter this year is at our doorstep and is soon to be upon us.

The 2016 Winter Solstice in Toledo, Ohio is Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 5:43:40 a.m. EDT (10:43:40 a.m. GMT).

Throught history at this time of year, there have been a variety of rituals, festivals, and religious holy days that have been observed by many cultures, societies, and countries. Many of these are still observed around the world today.

Rather than writing about them all r1ght here and right now, I invite you to read a previous Roland’s Rambling that I posted back on December 21, 2009. Just open up the embedded link contained within its title as follows:
Winter Solstice

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Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary, Judy Rosenberg Hansen!

Happy Anniversary to my bashert, my wife, Judy Rosenberg Hansen.

gift icon: Single Rose

We met on November 6, 1965.
We got engaged in June 1966 to be wed in June 1967.
Then, on November 13, 1966, you went away for awhile.
On March 17, 1995, like a Phoenix, you rose again to be in my life.
Going full circle, we were wed on December 17, 1995.
It has been 21 years now since you said “I do.”

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

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Death Changes Everything!

Dedicated to my loved ones who have gone before me.


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