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I am often puzzled by the Mason who travels the internet looking for weaker prey, or who is looking to pick an online fight with another Mason. Did he (or she) not learn anything from his Masonic lessons?


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Repeal the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Read this.

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USA Senior Citizen Discounts

Sometimes, it pays to be an older adult in the United States of America. Well, maybe “pays” is not the right word. Let’s just say being a senior citizen can save you money, sometimes.

Open the embedded link to to explore all the savings for older people throughout the USA.

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Rabbi Jonathan Sacks: The Odd Seder Invitation

For many centuries, Jewish people all over the world have retold the story of the Exodus each year during the Passover (Pesach) Seder. Part of the Seder ritual observance involves the eating of matzo, aka matzah, aka unleavened bread, aka bread of affliction, aka bread of freedom.

When does the “Bread of Affliction” become the “Bread of Freedom”?

The Passover Seder begins with a very perplexing invitation. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks offers an explanation which enlightens and inspires. Open the following embedded link to a three minute video of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, courtesy of, which is a project of the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, giving an explanation for the opening invitation to the Seder.

In the event you would like to learn more from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, you may do so by going over to the website of The Office of Rabbi Sacks.

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Regarding Brian Schwartz, former Executive Officer of the City of Toledo and former Director of Public Affairs for the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority

Brian Schwartz, who is the former Executive Officer of the City of Toledo having served as a spokesman for former Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and is the former Director of Public Affairs for the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, professes to be a Communications Specialist.

Well, what do you think of an alleged “professional” communications specialist who uses vulgarities in his communications?

Here take a look at a copy and paste of what Brian Schwartz wrote on the Facebook wall of Brian Maxson on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 9:28 am:

Brian Schwartz: “Lighten the fuck up, Roland. Brian and I were just having a little fun. Pull the fucking stick out of your ass.”

Brian Schwaratz has a long history of using profanities and vulgarities.

Open the following embedded link to read Google’s cache of an article from The Blade that was published on February 13, 2008:
Who Is More “Vulgar”: Brian Schwartz or Carty Finkbeiner?

If you wish to know more about the “professional” Brian Schwartz, then just head on over and check out the Linkedin Page for Brian Schwartz.

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Regarding Troy Neff of Toledo, Ohio

I am going to take the easy way in this Roland’s Rambling blog entry. I am just going to copy and paste a Facebook exchange that took place with Troy Neff, former radio personality in Toledo, Ohio.

That Facebook exchange is as follows:

Roland Louis Hansen shared a group.
March 17 at 11:19am

There is a special Facebook group for people who like to interact with me on a more personal, cordial, and friendly basis here on Facebook.

The name of group is Roland Hansen’s Crew.

Because it is a Closed Facebook Group, any person who is already a Facebook “friend” of mine can see the members list.

HOWEVER, ONLY the people who have voluntarily joined and have actually become MEMBERS CAN SEE WHAT IS POSTED THERE, no one else can see those postings.

Many in this extraspecial group have worked with me either career-wise or in some volunteer organization. Some of The Crew are members of my family, some are former school chums, and some are from the neighborhood where I grew up.

And, there are the folks who have come across me along the path of life and decided that they also wanted to become a member of Roland Hansen’s Crew.

I do not automatically add people to the group. However, I do approve the requests of friends who have asked to join my very special Facebook group for my very special friends.

In order to join the group, you need to click onto the “+ Join Group” icon that is contained in the header for Roland Hansen’s Crew. Once I receive notice that someone has made a request to join, then I need to approve the request before you can actually become an active member of Roland Hansen’s Crew This is a safeguard for you and me.

Thanks and I hope to see you on the flip side. Love and Peace to all.


Sunday, March 18 at 10:30pm

Troy Neff 
Troy Neff: Your 1st Amendment right is extended to you on your page. Not mine. Snopes? Seriously gtfo here with that dumb shit. It’s called personal responsibility. But I’d guess a hypocrite would forget about Obama saying to bring a gun if they have a knife.

The left has been ridiculously violent. That’s ok. We’re over it.

You’re special for sure.

Roland Louis Hansen
Roland Louis Hansen: Government 101 Lesson, Troy Neff. First Amendment only applies to the national government.

p.s. My mother always said, “Two wrongs do not make a right.”
It appears to me, Troy, that you fail to practice what you preach. Is it really necessary for you to use potty mouth language to make your point?

Troy Neff

Troy Neff: Yes.

Roland Louis Hansen
Roland Louis Hansen: And so says “good Christian” Troy Neff who has just unfriended me. WWJS
Image may contain: one or more people and text

Troy Neff

Troy Neff: Yes, I’m a Christian that says fuck. 😎

Troy Neff

Troy Neff: Jesus wasn’t a liberal. Smh. Nice try though.

Troy Neff

Troy Neff: Having compassion is using your money and time to help others. It’s not having the government taking from some to give to others.Maybe you should get your money back for those degrees.

Roland Louis Hansen

Roland Louis Hansen: Your use of words and foul mouth speaks volumes of your character, Troy Neff. Not a very good role model for the children who may see and read this public post. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Troy Neff

Troy Neff: My work speaks for itself. I’ll put it up against yours any day.

Roland Louis Hansen
Roland Louis Hansen: Why are you being so abrasive and aggressive, Troy Neff?
A cyberbully is just as bad as a real life bully.

Troy Neff
Troy Neff: Roland, because I didn’t stand for your shit? Uh huh.

You started it by condoning real violence. Not words. Real violence. Tsk tsk tsk.

We can be done or continue. Your choice.

Roland Louis Hansen
Roland Louis Hansen: I have never condoned violence, Troy Neff.

You posted a status update in which you wrote “Here’s more of your peaceful protest. And this ain’t California.” and attached a link to a Fox News Article entitled, “Student with ‘Trump’ flag assaulted by mob during National School Walkout.”

I responded as a reply to your posting on your Facebook wall, Troy Neff, by posting two links without comment. One link was a fact check by Snopes in the article entitled “Did Donald Trump Encourage Violence at His Rallies?” The other was a link to an article from Mashable entitled, “All the times Trump has called for violence at his rallies.”

My point was that Twitler Donald J Trump advocates violence. I shall post those same links of mine in this message thread following these comments of mine in order that people may actually see what it was that I posted. You removed those links from your wall, unfriended me, and then came over to my wall to make an unfounded allegation by lying, and you have used foul language. You emulate your god Twitler Trump very well; that is not very Christian of you. At least you did not do so in the name of Jesus. I suspect Jesus is not happy with your words, behavior, and actions.

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Beware The Ides Of March

Today is March 15th, the Ides of March. So beware, else bad luck come your way.

You may wonder when, where, and how the phrase “Beware The Ides Of March” came about. Well, you may find the answer to that by opening the embedded link and going over to the following article:
What’s the origin of the phrase ‘Beware the Ides of March’?

I found another article that delves deeper into the historical perspective this phrase that might interest you. To read the article, just follow the following embedded link:
Beware the Ides of March. But Why?

Being well informed about all this should help us in coping with all the mumbo jumbo and to realize that it is all just superstition. Right?

None-the-less, I caution you to avoid any and all soothsayers and to be especially careful today now that March 15th, the Ides of March, has arrived.

Beware The Ides Of March!

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