Transdenominational Jewish Rabbis

Judaism is a dynamic religion that is ever-evolving and adapting to changing times, while maintaining basic beliefs, values, and traditions. I know that there are various denominations of the Jewish religion, although I sincerely doubt that very many non-Jews know that there are different Jewish denominations.

However, I was unaware of the fact that there is now a transdenominational Jewish seminary until I read the article Where will all these rabbis go? that peeked my interest. Upon reading the article, I did a web search for the Hebrew College in Newton Centre, Massachussetts. You may go over this way to visit the Hebrew College website. Did you notice that Hebrew College has on-line courses?

Incidentally, while surfing, I also found the web page Quest for Jewish spirituality broadens, deepens from ReligionLink.


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  1. CW Martin says:

    Very interesting…


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