Garry T. Hansen

Today is the birthday of my brother Garry T. Hansen, fka Garry T. Bogdanski. The initial “T” stands for Thomas. For my winter winter home, I bought a house in a “55 plus” community that Garry and his wife Lorraine had suggested. That 55+ community is adjacent to the subdivision in which Garry and Lorraine reside.  That is why Garry and Lorraine suggested it — in order for me to be in close physical proximity to Garry, to enable  Garry and I to foster the same close brother relationship we have always had, especially the very close bonds that we had when we were younger. The end result is that my winter home is about 1.5 miles from Garry and Lorraine.

So today, I yell out loud and clear:

About Roland Louis Hansen

I have been: an organization development consultant; a college-level instructor of political science, psychology, and sociology; a public administrator; a social worker; an elected official; a political operative; a community activist; a union official; a shoe salesman and manager, a factory worker; a fast food restaurant employee; and, a custodian.
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  1. I am Danish and Jewish; but not so for Garry. Nor did Garry and I always have the same last name. When Garry was born, my mother was married to my step-father William Bogdanski whom she divorced when Garry was still a very young child. Consequently, Garry had the last name of Bogdanski. If Garry Bogdanski had not had his last name changed years ago to Hansen. the same name as mine from my father Robert Hansen, Garry would not now be known as Garry Hansen but rather he would be known as Garry Bogdanski and his children would have been given the surname of Bogdanski at birth. So, while Garry’s last name is legally Hansen, he does not have paternal Danish lineage as do I; instead, Garry actually has paternal Polish lineage.
    Garry and I were both raised in the Jewish religion, the religion of my mother and her mother and her mother’s mother. Both our pictures hang in halls of the synagogue of Congregation Shomer Emunim, f.k.a. The Collingwood Avenue Temple in Toledo, Ohio, where we were both attended religious school and where we were both confirmed in the Jewish religion with which I still identify but with which Garry has long since disavowed.
    Garry has referred to me when speaking to his children (now all adults) as his “half-brother.” On the other hand, I never used of that phrase with my children (also, now all adults) when making reference to Garry.
    I finished high school and went on to college receiving both a Bachelor of Arts (psychology major) and Master of Public Administration. Garry dropped out of high school, but later received a G.E.D. As an adult, I entered the white collar professional arena working in the people business. Garry eventually found himself in the technical field working with electrical and mechanical panels and such.
    So, while Garry and I were raised in the same household by the same mother with the same value and belief system, we turned out to be very different from one another in our adult lives. Strange, but true.


  2. It is another birthday year for Garry who turned 61 years old today.
    Happy Birthday, Garry!
    I still have the birthday card in the unopened envelope that I mailed you back in 2009. It was returned to me by the USPS. On the outside of the envelope is your hand printed message “RETURN TO SENDER” with an arrow pointed to my return address; also on the envelope is the Post Office message “RETURN TO SENDER. REFUSED.”


  3. Jesús Gonzáles says:

    Qué lástima.


  4. A couple of interesting things happened on December 15, 2012 in regards to Garry.

    First off, earlier in the day around noon. my wife, Judy, noticed that Charlotte (Charlie) Hansen, the almost 24 year-old daughter of brother Garry (Bogdanski) Hansen removed her as a friend on Facebook. Judy telephoned Charlotte to ask her the reason. Charlie Hansen told Judy that she (Charlie) did not want anything to do with “Uncle Roland” and that Judy was part of the equation. As Judy started to speak, Charlie suddenly terminated the telephone call by hanging the phone up on Judy during mid-sentence.

    Then later in the day, Judy and I attended the University of Toledo Alumni Association event that was held in a sports bar in Scottsdale, Arizona and began a half-hour before the University of Toledo vs. Utah State at the Potato Bowl football game which was what the event was all about – a game watch party. While there, I got to see Garry and his wife Lorraine, who happens to be the leader (co-ordinator, contact person) of the UT Alumni Association Phoenix Chapter. However, both Garry and Lorraine refused to acknowledge our presence or to speak with us as they have done so for the past 7 years now. Judy and I had arrived at 2:00 p.m. MST when the event was scheduled to begin. Garry and Lorraine did not arrive on time, but did arrive about 15 minutes after I did. When Garry and Lorraine did arrive, they chose not to acknowledge Judy or me. In fact, Garry quite literally turned his back on me and looked up toward the ceiling when I approached him on more than just one occasion. It was Lorraine who kept her face turned away from us even though Judy was seated to the left of Lorraine while Garry sat immediately to the right of Lorraine. To Judy’s left was my cousin and her husband, then me, and then there were several other people and then Garry again (it was a whole bunch of tables put together in the shape of a rectangle). When Judy and I left at half-time, Garry and Lorraine refused to respond to me each of the three times that I gave them good-bye tidings.

    Incidentally, Lorraine has a page on LinkedIn.


  5. Today is the 62nd anniversary of the birth of Garry Thomas Bogdanski, now known as Garry Hansen. I hope he received and opened the birthday card I sent him this year. Regardless, I wish to shout out:


  6. Susan Hopson says:

    I believe my exact words were “I don’t want to be your dirty little secret.

    (This spam comment is courtesy of susanhopson at


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