Irena Sendlerowa (Irena Sendler) Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Back at the height of World War II in Warsaw, Poland, a woman by the name of Irena Sendlerowa (aka Irena Sendler) was busy in the child smuggling business. Her smuggling operations saved the lives of approximately 2500 children. It also resulted in her arrest and a death sentence.
For more information, may I suggest you read: Irena Sendlerowa Irena Sendler

While Irena Sendlerowa was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, she was not the final chosen recipient. Instead the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore,and the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for their work about human caused changes in the Earth’s climate.

It wasn’t long after the 2007 Nobel Prize decision that Irena Sendlerowa, aka Irena Sendler, died on May 12, 2008. There was much said and written about Irena and about the Nobel Prize.
Two  examples are:
MySpace Video: Headline News, Irena’s Story, Glenn Beck
Planet Earth Peace Irena Sendlerowa:(should have been the recipient of the)2007 Nobel Peace Prize

I also suggest you view and listen to YouTube: Irena Sendler: A Tribute.

Incidentally, the web site Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project has come into being as a result of a National History Day project by students from Uniontown High School in Kansas.

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2 Responses to Irena Sendlerowa (Irena Sendler) Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

  1. Roland,

    Irena Sendlerowa was bigger than the Nobel Prize, and she never actively sought it, because her acts stood on their own.

    The Nobel Prize would have been fitting tribute though, had it not become politicized and cheapened by giving it to Al Gore.

    Another once meaningful award cheapend/devalued by petty politics, which like so many beauty pageants which have cast aside true beauty in favor of political (in)correctness…

    I tell you, this world is going to hell my friend, and without the hand basket…


  2. Tim Higgins says:


    Forgive me for saying so, but this posting implies that Irena Sendlerowa’s contribution was greater than that of Al Gore.

    While Irena may have saved children however, Al saved the planet! (OK, sarcasm off now)

    It is obvious to anyone who the most deserving person was and i admire this fine lady’s contribution in saving children.


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