Linda Lingle

I first became aware of Linda Lingle several years ago during one the vacations that Judy and I took to Hawaii. If you click on the name of Linda Lingle in that first sentence, you can read about her.

You can also click over to get a brief look at the activities of Linda Lingle from NNDB, an intelligence aggregator that tracks the activities of people that it deems noteworthy.

Additionally, if you have a mind to, you may click over for some very brief information about Linda Lingle from Global Computing. I have a suspicion, however, that the immediately preceding embedded link will not provide that information about Linda Lingle after the end of 2010; we will see after that time comes about.

In closing out this Roland’s Ramblings, I would suggest you check out the The New York Times articles about Linda Lingle that have been published over the years mentioning her; that is, if by chance, you want to read about any newsworthy things concerning Linda Lingle.


About Roland Louis Hansen

I have been: an organization development consultant; a college-level instructor of political science, psychology, and sociology; a public administrator; a social worker; an elected official; a political operative; a community activist; a union official; a shoe salesman and manager, a factory worker; a fast food restaurant employee; and, a custodian.
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One Response to Linda Lingle

  1. Judy says:

    Impressive list of firsts!


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