Dry Ice and Dry Water

Question 1. Is dry ice made from dry water?
Question 2. When dry ice melts, does it become a liquid?

Answer 1. No, dry ice is made from carbon dioxide.
Answer 2. No, when dry ice melts it becomes a gas.

To learn more about dry ice, click on over to DryIceInfo.com.
Now then, have you ever wondered why dry ice is so good at keeping things cold? Wonder no more, just click on over to the How does dry ice work? web pages.

Oh, by the way, not only can you get gas from melted dry ice, you can also get gas from beans.

So, what about the dry water? You think I am joking about dry water, don’t you? Well, I kid you not. Really, I am not joking. Just click on over to read the Scientists create ‘dry water’ article.


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