Josephine Sarah Marcus aka Josie Earp

How many people are familiar with Josephine Sarah Marcus? She also went by the nicknames of Josie and Sadie from time to time. 

Here, let’s go one step further. Josephine Sarah Marcus is also known by the name of Josephine Earp, having been purportedly married to Wyatt Earp. It seems to me, after having done some research, that the union between Josephine Marcus and Wyatt Earp was most likely that of a common law marriage.

Incidentally, the blog Unusual Historicals has an entry about Josie and Wyatt that you may find to be interesting reading. Click on over to Love Affairs: Wyatt Earp and Josie Marcus.

Some readers of Roland’s Ramblings may recall that I wrote about Josephine Earp back on May 20, 2007 when I made the blog entry Wyatt Earp: The Jewish Connection. Click on that embedded link, if you would like to read that entry.


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One Response to Josephine Sarah Marcus aka Josie Earp

  1. Aunt Betty says:

    The article that I picked up about these two came from the cemetary in Colma, Ca. As I said before, I will give you a copy. It may have additional information. Also have pictures of their tombstones.


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