Little Guy

I have been a little guy all my life. All through school (and I was in a very large school district with an ADM of approximately 17,000 students) all the way from first grade through my senior year, I was always the shortest (or one of the three shortest guys) in elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school. Same thing through college and graduate school and even my places of employment.

As a kid, I was always one of the very last guys to be chosen when it came time to pick the players on any sports team.

Then as an adult, there were several instances where being a little guy struck me right between the eyes, so to speak. One example: I remember when I was hired as the Ambulatory Clinic Administrator for the Toledo Health and Retiree Center, Inc. back in 1976 that the President and General Manager Steve Sadowski sat in a chair and had me stand beside him when a photo of us was taken to accompany a newspaper story being written to announce my appointment to the position. Apparently, my less than average height was of concern PR-wise.

Another time when I was working at the Lucas County Welfare Department, Wayne Bickle, a peer and work friend of many years said to me one day, “Roland, I have finally met a guy that is shorter than you.”

All that aside, I want to tell you that I have also been an avid motorcyclist and a camper all my adult life. Being a little guy has always been challenging when finding the right fit in a motorcycle; but I have managed to do so none-the-less. Even camping has its challenges for a little guy. When I was tent camping, it was getting a tent that I could reach far enough in setting up. Then when I bought a small travel trailer, it was one that was very small in which I could reach everything. When I moved up to a motorhome, I had some challenges in reaching the top cabinets or in climbing into the top bed. I even had trouble in that 26 foot Winnebago Brave motorhome in getting the drivers seat far enough forward in order to reach the pedals.

Well, all that is behind me now. Although I am looking again at two-wheel motorized transportation, I am looking at some good sized motor scooters, e.g. a Piaggio Tourer BV 250, as opposed to motorcycles.

Also as for camping, I have found something that is just the right for me. I just might take up camping again via travel trailer. So, if you are thinking about going camping in a travel trailer, you just might want to take this Little Guy with you.


About Roland Louis Hansen

I have been: an organization development consultant; a college-level instructor of political science, psychology, and sociology; a public administrator; a social worker; an elected official; a political operative; a community activist; a union official; a shoe salesman and manager, a factory worker; a fast food restaurant employee; and, a custodian.
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