Freedom according to Epictetus

A Greek philosopher, an exponent of Stoicism, by the name of Epictetus was born a slave in 55 A.D. At some point in his life, Epictetus obtained his freedom, although it is not known how that freedom was gained.

There are three quotations of Epictetus regarding freedom that I think are worth pointing out. They are:

    1) Is freedom anything else than the right to live as we wish? Nothing else.
    2) Freedom is the right to live as we wish.
    3) Freedom is not procured by a full enjoyment of what is desired, but by controlling the desire. 

For more quotations of Epictetus on a variety of other topics which are well worth your time to read, I suggest you click over to Epictetus Quotes from BrainyQuote.

About Roland Louis Hansen

I have been: an organization development consultant; a college-level instructor of political science, psychology, and sociology; a public administrator; a social worker; an elected official; a political operative; a community activist; a union official; a shoe salesman and manager, a factory worker; a fast food restaurant employee; and, a custodian.
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One Response to Freedom according to Epictetus

  1. Tim Higgins says:

    When I think of freedom, I think of a few other apt quotations:

    All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope. – Winston Churchill

    Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves. – Abraham Lincoln

    Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits. – Thomas Jefferson


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