YWOTD (Yiddish Word of the Day): Schnorrer, aka Shnorrer, aka Schnorer, aka Shnorer

I have decided to start a new category for my postings here on Roland’s Ramblings. It is YWOTD (Yiddish Word Of The Day).

It is important for people to understand that Yiddish as originally written is done so with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Therefore, when writing Yiddish in transliteration (i.e. using the letters from another language, such as English) there may be a variety of spellings, all of which are generally acceptable.

The Yiddish word for today is:
….. schnorrer, aka shnorrer, aka schnorer, aka shnorer

Here is one definition of shnorrer according to my 1969 paperback version (yes, I still have it and it is in very good condition, although its pages have yellowed with age) of A Dictionary Of Yiddish Slang & Idioms by Fred Kogos:

Shnorrer     A begger who makes pretensions to respectability; sponger, chiseler, moocher; a parasite, but always with brass and resourcefulness in getting money from others as though it were his right

From TheFreeDictionary by Farlex you will read, in part:

schnor·rer also shnor·rer
n. Slang One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others; a parasite
US slang a person who lives off the charity of others; professional beggar
Noun 1. schnorrer – (Yiddish) a scrounger who takes advantage of the generosity of others
ref: The Free Dictionary: schnorrer

If you wish, you may click over to read the Wikipedia Schnorrer article.

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