We Didn’t Sink The Bismark according to Homer and Jethro

Johnny Horton wrote and recorded “Sink the Bismark” which was later re-titled “Sink the Bismarck” to correct the original misspelling. Not to be outdone, however, Homer and Jethro, being the kind of guys they were, came out with “We Didn’t Sink the Bismark.”

The lyrics for “Sink the Bismark” begin with:

In May of nineteen forty-one the war had just begun,
The Germans had the biggest ship,
They had the biggest guns.
The Bismarck was the fastest ship,
That ever sailed the seas,

The lyrics for “We Didn’t Sink the Bismark” begin with:

Way back in nineteen-forty-two or maybe forty-three,
I sailed with Captain Tuna, the chicken of the sea.
We didn’t sink the Bismarck , no matter what they say,
For when we seen the German ships, we sailed the other way.

Head over to Bismarck Songs to read the full lyrics of both songs.

Now, head on over to give a look and listen to the music videos:
Sink The Bismarck – Johnny Horton
Homer and Jethro We Didn’t Sink the Bismark

If you are an old fan of Homer and Jethro as am I, then I have a bonus for you:
Homer & Jethro playlist


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2 Responses to We Didn’t Sink The Bismark according to Homer and Jethro

  1. Timothy Higgins says:

    Thanks for leaving me with two songs that I can’t get out of my head.


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