YWOTD: Mishpocheh

The Yiddish Word Of The Day is:
….. mishpochehmeshpokha, also spelled as mishpocha, or mishpokhe (pronounced mish∙pokh’∙eh / mish∙pookh’∙eh)

This Yiddish word means family, but not just family as most people would think of that English word. Mishpocheh includes all a person’s relatives or kin. Mishpocheh means the extended family, like spouse, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins, second-cousins, and so forth.

I personally use the English word family when the Yiddish word mishpocheh is actually more appropriate. In fact, when I have used the word family rather than the word mishpocheh, it has sometimes been interpreted very narrowly to mean only immediate family or nuclear family by others in my family (or perhaps I really should use the phrase of my mishpocheh here) who (1) do not speak or understand Yiddish and (2) who do not follow the Jewish religion, culture, or traditions.

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