Alien World May Support Life, Human or Not.

Eureka. Or, perhaps I should exclaim: Eureka! A planet outside our solar system has been found that just may be able to support “life as we know it” on Planet Earth.

“Kepler-22b is the first extrasolar planet confirmed by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope to orbit in the habitable zone of a Sun-like star. The discovery was announced December 5, 2011.”
Read more by clicking here.

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There is a bunch more information about Kepler 22-b on the internet AND the news about Kepler 22-b is all over the internet.

Is this out of this world or what?

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One Response to Alien World May Support Life, Human or Not.

  1. Unfortunately, if this planet does indeed contain “life as we know it”, it too may be doomed to be forever devoid of “intelligent life”.


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