Is it Leprechaun Day, Yet?

What do you call a “very small sprite” who at times might just live in a farmhouse or a wine cellar?
The answer to that question is found in this embedded link to the Encyclopedia Mythica™ Leprechaun article.

You may learn a wee bit more of the “fairy in Irish folklore” in this embedded link to the Wikipedia Leprechaun article.

Be on the lookout for leprechauns! How? – You may ask. Well, by webcam, of course. “The leprechaun fairy watch webcam is in a hidden location in the field in Tipperary, Ireland.”
Click on over to the Leprechaun Watch.

“If you want to catch a leprechaun you should build some leprechaun traps!”
You may learn How to Build a Leprechaun Trap over at

“You may end up being the luckiest person alive if you ever manage to catch a Leprechaun but there again it could bring more than enough trouble for what its worth.”
But, do you really want to walk down that path?
Maybe, you should first read The Magical Legend Of The Leprechaun.

If you cross a leprechan, you just may regret it. The 1993 movie Leprechaun should be a good lesson to anybody who even thinks to rouse the ire of a leprechaun.

And, now, just in time from Allison Berry over at TIME News Feed, I suggest you read:
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A Brief History of Leprechauns.


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