Oil Futures Market The Future of Oil.

“In an oil futures market, we market the future of oil. The price of petroleum products, especially fuel oil, jet fuel, and gasoline today is mostly determined by speculators of the price of oil tomorrow.”
– Roland Louis Hansen

Noun 1. oil future – petroleum bought or sold at an agreed price for delivery at a specified future date”
ref: oil future, Thesaurus, The Free Dictionary

An oil future is an investment instrument used to speculate on whether the price of oil will rise or fall. Technically, the term “oil future” refers to a “future contract” whose holder agrees to buy oil at a prearranged date in the future at a price that’s agreed upon today. Trading in oil futures is closely watched not just by oil traders themselves but also by investors throughout the financial markets, because futures prices are a good indication of the future price of oil, and the price of oil has a huge impact on the economy.

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