More About Jews! The Jewish People.

I will never get over my dismay at the stupidity or ignorance of people who have preconceived, ill-informed notions about Judaism and of Jewish people.

Most recently I was confronted with a situation in that another person expressed the belief that all “Jews” are the same and that Jewish men wore black hats and had beards; that is the sterotypical image of a Jewish man who is one that adheres to orthodoxy.

However, not all Jewish people follow Orthoxdox Judaism. Even so, not all Orthodox Jews are the same; there are a variety of Orthodox Jews. Here, click on over to read:
Varieties of Orthodox Judaism.

And, to top that off, more and more Rabbis from all denominations of Judaism are serving in ways “to make Jewish wisdom available to anyone looking to enrich his or her life.” Take a look at:
Rabbis Without Borders.

There is an interesting Jewish Congregation on the Island of Maui in the State of Hawaii that has a congregation transcending all Jewish denominations. It is The Jewish Congregation of Maui, Beit Shalom Synagogue.

As many of the longtime regular Roland’s Ramblings readers know, I have written before about the variety of beliefs that exist in the Jewish religion. Below are embedded links to just a few of those blog entries that you may find interesting to read and explore:
Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes, Posted on December 20, 2006.
Transdenominational Jewish Rabbis, Posted on February 15, 2008.
Jews, Posted on August 22, 2008.
What is a Jew?, Posted on July 19, 2009.


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2 Responses to More About Jews! The Jewish People.

  1. CW Martin says:

    Funny how Christians get mocked for having “so many truths” (ie, denominations) while all other religions are stereotyped as “monolithic”, when in truth God provides different angles for different perspectives- four Gospels; the books of Kings and Chronicals; Shia vs Sunni.


  2. It is indeed interesting that people of different faiths have so many incorrect beliefs about other faiths. How can they be so self-righteous???


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