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JULY 31, 2004
Thirty-one years ago today, I became a father. My first-born was a boy. How appropriate his given name is Adam. Over the years, he has become a good man. If all men could be like Adam, we would all have a much better world. I am proud of him and proud to call him my son. I love him dearly.

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JULY 30, 2004
What an absolutely fantastic speech John Kerry gave last night!! Even if you’re not into politics, this is a must-hear-must-see. You can view and hear the entire speech if you missed it. Just click on the link embeddded in the words “entire speech” in the preceeding sentence (it will take you to the John Kerry dot com website) and then click on “John Kerry’s Speech (Windows Media) – it’s 45 minutes long but very, very good. Can you tell that it got me pumped up? It’s the best speech that I have heard in years. Just what the doctor ordered for this political junkie!

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JULY 29, 2004
John Edwards made his acceptance speech for the Vice President nomination at the National Democratic Party Convention last night. Tonight, John Kerry is to give his acceptance speech for the nomination for President by the Democrats.
These are a couple Johns that would make a good addition in the White House.

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JULY 28, 2004
So, a funny thing happened on my way to make a blog entry the other day. I could not get an internet connection. As it turned out, my ISP disconnected me because there was a port virus in my computer. The ISP provider Help Desk was helpful to an extent. They told me what was wrong but they were not allowed to correct the problem for me. I had to arrange the fix myself.
When you’re in trouble, Who ya gonna call? Call Ghostbusters! And that’s just what I did — my ghostbuster is none other than Jason Hansen. What a guy! What a lifesaver! What a —- You got the picture. Jason was over here lickety-split. Problem resolved and now I am back and runnining. Thank you, Jason.

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JULY 25, 2004
Got up at 5 a.m. -ugh!!!! Had coffee, read, did computer stuff, prepared breakfast, etc. Took a nap from 10 a.m til 11:30 a.m. -ah-h-h!! Watched an old episode of Star Trek Voyager on television; I couldn’t believe it was one I had never seen before.
Got ready to go out for dinner at Smoky Bones. Judy and I met nephew Jason, his parents my brother Jan and Jan’s wife Sue and Jason’s Uncle my brother and Jan’s brother Rich and Rich’s wife Gloria who is also the sister of Sue. Now, can you read through that maze of relationships? lol.
Dinner with the family was great; it was great food in addition to the great company. After dinner, more enjoyable visitation with Jan, Sue, and Jason at their abode. While there, niece Dawn and her son Nick arrived for a short time. Dawn is Jason’s sister, Jan and Sue’s daughter. Wow, what a really, really pleasant day this turned out to be.
Son Adam and daughter Lisa have both been very good at including good ole dad in their lives. Now, if only my son Marcus weren’t so busy all the time. It would be nice to see him, his wife Tonja, and my grandaughter Olivia more often. But, I remember how it was when I was a young family man. How in the world did I ever manage to do everything in the time available????? Raising a family and putting family first is a prime directive.
Gotta go now. My new show “The 4400” is coming on.

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JULY 24, 2004
After a 3-day absence, I am back in Toledo after visiting friends at a cottage on Lake Huron. Unfortunately, the cold high winds prevented us from enjoying the water or even taking a ride on their boat, but it was nice to get to see that area of Michigan. I had not traveled that area before. I did find a small but very, very interesting historical museum in a town called Pigeon. I very much enjoy historical museums and places.
As a postnote, I will very much enjoy when George W becomes a part of history rather than current events. I wish him no ill will – I just hope he has an early retirement. I’d rather my tax money be used to pay his pension than be used to pay his salary.
My big brother Jan is absolutely right when he states: “What we need is another Truman.”

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JULY 20, 2004
I didn’t really do a whole lot today. I am fortunate in that I rarely get sick, but the cold I caught went full force on me last night when I went with son Adam to the Apple Store and continued even more full force today. I kept my commitment for lunch with daughter Lisa. But for the most part I have been drinking lots of tea and sleeping.
There is no way that I will not keep my other commitment with wife Judy this week and visit some friends at their cottage in Port Cresent on Lake Huron for the next several days. Yes, I know that I should not expose my germs to others. That’s why I keep a fair distance from them and not breathe in their faces. Given that this cold commenced last Saturday and its course of development, I should be much better by tomorrow evening.
On top of the cold, I have had computer problems this week in that the computer somehow acquired it’s own bug. Thanks to nephew Jason and his recommendations which I followed, the computer seems better, although still not fully recovered itself.
I am optimistic that upon my return from the out-of state trip to the cottage and my full return to good health and returning to my usual “piss-and-vineger” self, this Blog will become much more interesting, provided this darn computer hard drive doesn’t fall down on me.
Incidently, Lisa is being awarded her Masters in Education from Bowling Green State University the second week of August and her position with the Lucas County Educational Sevice Center will now include teaching Gifted Education classes half-days and testing for giftedness in children the other half-day.
Also, when Adam and I were at the Apple Store last night, we were told the new improved iPods will arrive in the next few days and actually will be $100 less in price than in the past.
So, what’s new in your neighborhood?

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JULY 19, 2004
Today, I cut the grass, weeded the garden, returned movies to the library, went to the insurance office to pay a car premium, had dinner, and went to the Apple Store in Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, Michigan with son Adam.
Snake oil salesman Dick Cheney made a visit to Toledo today. He and his buddy Baby Bush will get no respect from me. I find no redeeming virues in either of them. I cannot say the same thing for any other President and Vice President that have served in those offices during my lifetime. By the way, I assume the Feds will read this comment as they monitor everything – and rightfully so, to a point – but I do not agree with the Patriot Act; it violates our basic Constitutional rights.
George Orwell in his book “1984” was on target except he missed the timing of Big Brother’s arrival by about 20 years.

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JULY 18, 2004
I got up, had coffee, checked my e-mail, mopped the floors, vacuumed the carpets, and then Judy and I went to the zoo and met another couple there, went with them for coffee at new restaurant, and visited with them more back at the house. Now, I am getting ready to watch episode two of “The 4400.”
Hey, it beats sitting in a rocking chair and watching the four walls. Actually, for once, it wasn’t such a boring day.

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JULY 17, 2004
Well, I did it. I finally decided to try blogging after having followed the blogs of my son Adam and my nephew Jason for quite a long time.
I call this blog “Roland’s Ramblings” because I tend to ramble about life, family, friends, people in general, politics, community, outlooks on life, public affairs, religion, and on and on and on.
Chances are I will at some time offend someone, which is why I hesitated so long in making a decision to join the ever-widening world of bloggers. I do not intend nor do I wish to offend anyone. But, guess what. Don’t guess, I will tell you. I am who I am and I tell it as I see it. I am also usually bluntly honest. That is where I usually wind up rustling some feathers. On the other hand, how many people have said “I just wish I could be myself” or have said “I wish people would just be honest with me” or other words to those effects????
So, here we go —- on with the show.
p.s. My deep appreciate to Jason for setting this Blog up for me. The one big thing is “How do I use this thing?”


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