Whether In Denmark Or Not: Danish Weather; Climate in Denmark.

The Encyclopedia of the Nations has an entire section devoted to Denmark that you can read if you click over to the preceding embedded link. Of its many web pages, one subsection states:

Denmark has a temperate climate, the mildness of which is largely conditioned by the generally westerly winds and by the fact that the country is virtually encircled by water. There is little fluctuation between day and night temperatures, but sudden changes in wind direction cause considerable day-to-day temperature changes. The mean temperature in February, the coldest month, is 0° C (32° F ), and in July, the warmest, 17° C (63° F ). Rain falls fairly evenly throughout the year, the annual average amounting to approximately 61 cm (24 in).

Read: Climate – Denmark

Over at GoScandinaviaAbout.com, you may read Weather in Denmark: Temperatures, Weather & Climate.

Detailed Denmark climate graphs and analysis of average maximum, minimum, and mean temperatures, precipitation, wet and frosty days, sunlight hours, windspeed, etc. may be found over at Demark.Climatemps.

Tangentially, but interesting reading is The Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy brought to you by the Danish Energy Agency.


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