Real Friends

Real friends; I mean really true friends; I mean friends who are real friends and who are true friends are a treasure to be cherished. I find that way too many people use the word “friend” far too loosely. The word “acquaintance” is usually much more appropriate in the course of most conversations in which I have heard people use the term “friend” when making referece to someone whom they know and with whom they may even socialize.

A real friend, a true friend is someone who thinks about you, who keeps in touch with you over time no matter what geographical distance may separate you, who will come to your aid and comfort no matter what, who makes time for you rather than trying to schedule time for you, etc., etc. etc. I think you get the picture of what I am attempting to explain; speaking of which, look at these images for real friends and these images for true friends.

Oh, here is a very good example of one of my major guidelines in defining a friend:


If you wish, you may also click right here to open another browser that will provide you with every Roland’s Ramblings blog entry I have written that mentions the word “friends” – and if you are of a mind to do so, you may read whichever of them you so choose – or not.


About Roland Louis Hansen

I have been: an organization development consultant; a college-level instructor of political science, psychology, and sociology; a public administrator; a social worker; an elected official; a political operative; a community activist; a union official; a shoe salesman and manager, a factory worker; a fast food restaurant employee; and, a custodian.
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