Hateful People versus People Who Care

Some people may decide to hate you Ali B MoeBe grateful for the people you trust and who care for you

Do not let the hatred of you that may be flagrantly or clandestinely expressed by others rule your life. For no reason at all, some people may hate you. They do so simply because their low self-esteem perceives your confidence as a threat that brings out their own insecurities.

People who love you, people who care for you, people who are concerned about you, people who accept you: These are the people that give breath to your life, to your existence, to the fiber of your very being. Love them, appreciate them, cherish them. They are the stalwarts of your life, but no matter what cruel happenstance may come to you along the way, remember: You are the master of your fate; you are the captain of your soul.


About Roland Louis Hansen

I have been: an organization development consultant; a college-level instructor of political science, psychology, and sociology; a public administrator; a social worker; an elected official; a political operative; a community activist; a union official; a shoe salesman and manager, a factory worker; a fast food restaurant employee; and, a custodian.
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