Rabbi Jonathan Sacks: The Odd Seder Invitation

For many centuries, Jewish people all over the world have retold the story of the Exodus each year during the Passover (Pesach) Seder. Part of the Seder ritual observance involves the eating of matzo, aka matzah, aka unleavened bread, aka bread of affliction, aka bread of freedom.

When does the “Bread of Affliction” become the “Bread of Freedom”?

The Passover Seder begins with a very perplexing invitation. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks offers an explanation which enlightens and inspires. Open the following embedded link to a three minute video of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, courtesy of TorahCafe.com, which is a project of the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, giving an explanation for the opening invitation to the Seder.

In the event you would like to learn more from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, you may do so by going over to the website of The Office of Rabbi Sacks.

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