Many political conservatives have blasted me, belittled me, and called me names some of which have been extremely vulgar. Many times, political conservatives have called me “libtard” in their poor attempts at insulting me. After having seen the meme that I am reproducing below, I have decided that the use of the word “libtard” by political conservatives in describing me is actually a compliment.

About Roland Louis Hansen

I have been: an organization development consultant; a college-level instructor of political science, psychology, and sociology; a public administrator; a social worker; an elected official; a political operative; a community activist; a union official; a shoe salesman and manager, a factory worker; a fast food restaurant employee; and, a custodian.
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12 Responses to Libtard

  1. Dale Pertcheck says:

    How about a word to describe those awful people: hmmm… How about conservnoramous? Definition? One who never allows facts to get in the way of their gut feelings, and wallows in his/her own ignorance! Sort of sounds like certain a POTUS I know. Hmmm…

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  2. Trump 2020 says:

    I humbly disagree with your meme and hope you will research history and science so you can see for yourself that you are wrong and that the its a play on words to make you liberal snow flakes melt.


    • History shows Twitler Trump takes the same path as did Adolf Hitler.

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      • Sherry Lynn says:

        He might not be perfect but at least he knows how to run a country! Better than the last four presidents combined! Economy, jobs, life in general is better because of Trump! Republicans never treated DemocRats like this when they were in office. It is called RESPECT. Maybe you need some posts on that!! SMDH…. 😳


      • dalepertcheck says:

        Sherry Lynn: How “respectful” was it for your hero to say of a Republican woman, Carly FIorina, “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?” To which I reply, “Look at that fat, orange man! Why would anyone respect, and vote for, THAT face?” Oops! I guess you did…and PROUDLY!
        The above is a direct quote. Here are some more direct quotes, that have not only NOT been denied by Fat Donny, but have often been reiterated in subsequent talks and/or tweets.
        How about when he called Republican Senator Marco Rubio, “Little Marco?”
        Or, how about when he repeatedly called Republican Senator Ted Cruz, “Lyin’ Ted?”
        Or, how about when he said of Republican Senator John McCain, “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” Some jokes, huh.
        Foremost, it is nearly impossible to be captured, if you do not go to war. McCain went to war. How about Fat Donny’s war record? Oh…that’s right…he had “bone spurs!” How are those bone spurs of 50 years ago, doing now? Hmmm…
        When your hero shows respect, he may actually earn respect from others. Not one Democrat has been so nasty in describing leading Republicans as had Fat Donny. Yeah…respect…right!
        As far as the “economic miracle” Fat Donny claims, how can the United States be in boom times economically, and have a one year budget deficit of about $1,000,000,000,000? The overall economic improvements are a direct result of old-fashioned Keynesian Economics. When government pours hundreds of billions of dollars more into the economy than government takes out, if the economy does NOT boom, there’s something radically wrong. I guess that “conservatards” only care about deficits when there is a Democrat in the office of POTUS — even in very hard economic times. And, which POTUS last had the Federal budget in surplus? Oh…Bill Clinton! W changed that quickly, didn’t he? And now we have Fat Donny doing even worse budget-wise! Hmmm…
        In addition, Fat Donny openly praises and embraces dictators like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, while he concurrently abandons the Kurds in the Middle East, withdrawing American troops from facilities that were only hours later taken over by Russian troops. Meanwhile, Fat Donny attacks our long-time allies in Germany and Canada. I call such actions “treason.” Do these qualify as good things to you?
        Republicans had many solid, conservative choices for their nominee for POTUS in 2016. In their infinite wisdom, they chose a narcissistic, ignorant, nasty, thrice-married womanizer, who was a former Democrat, at that. Thanks, Republicans!
        Adlai Stevenson is credited with saying, “In a Democracy, the people get the kind of government they deserve.” Enjoy, Sherry Lynn!! You deserve Fat Donny!


    • dalepertcheck says:

      Here are a few quotes. I’ll leave the judgment about these quotes up to those who read them.
      “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
      “Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice.”
      “The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.”
      “It is not the truth that matters, but victory.”
      “Strength lies not in defence but in attack.”
      “What luck for rulers that men do not think.”
      Oh, yeah. These are all direct quotes from Adolf Hitler. But don’t they sound as though they could be stated by our current POTUS? I strongly suggest that it is “Trump 2020” who needs to research history and science.

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  3. Sherry Lynn says:

    😂 Hahaha… thanks for the laugh. The fartherest thing from a “libtards” mind is what is good for America!! They only care about lining their pockets and covering that and all their other crimes up! Watching too much MSM I see… Watch Conservative news…there you will learn the truth! ROTFL


  4. Sherry Lynn says:

    Gee… awaiting moderation?!! Really!! Republican censorship here too?!! UGH! 😱

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  5. Cris says:

    Libtard = A combination of the words Liberal + Retard.
    Successfully used to describe people who think that they can skew words to fit their inane logic. Libtards usually bring up feelings as part of an argument or as an argument in itself.
    Pointing out their lack of understanding of the real world, history, biology and other scientific fields is usually seen as a hate crime and they use words like: “racist”, “bigot” and “nazi” to describe people who hurt their feelings with facts thus stripping those words of their more powerful historical meaning.
    Even if they pretend to like diversity, Libtards only flock with other Libtards thus shielding themselves from facts and thought diversity which they consider a direct attack and for that they have created imaginary safe spaces as a defence mechanism.
    Libtards love all diversity except diversity of thought and christian white straight men.
    Libtards are known for their love of gender studies and their hate of scientific studies which directly contradicts the former. In order to “combat” the scientific fields of psychology and biology they invented their own genders out of thin air thus showing no regard for science and facts.
    Libtards don’t feel the need to research or look for information outside the approved Libtard sources and they never try to see what the other part has to say in order to have the whole picture and not just one biased view point as the only source of information.
    As previously stated, Libtards are known to have very little knowledge but very strong opinions on everything and presenting those opinions as facts.
    Because of their limited mental capacities they tend to keep everything simple: Everyone who disagrees with them is either a nazi, bigot or an Uncle Tom.
    Libtards usually think of themselves being politically correct and not racists or sexist but they divide everything based on race, gender and sexual orientation, believing that someone’s worth to have his own opinions is based only on those characteristics.
    It’s a common mistake to think that Libtards would even listen to those who they pretend to protect if they have different opinions. In order to understand the Libtards way of thinking we have numerous examples, but only two of them should be more than enough:
    There are numerous cases where Libtards would cheer for multi millionaire black Liberal celebrities who claim to be oppressed victims of society but in the same time labelling working class black Republicans as Uncle Toms or sellouts because they dared to come out as hard working, law abiding citizens who promote births inside wedlocks and who refused to embrace the victim status and succeeding on their own, affirming that black people can be successful members of the society if they study/work hard like anybody else, abide by the rule of law and that they don’t need to depend on government for handouts.

    The second notable example of Libtard way of thinking is clearly exposed in a street interview where white students are asked if laws requiring voters to have a valid form of ID are racists and an astonishing majority of them respond with a resounding YES. The interview then show black people’s disgust realising that white Libtards literally think that black people are too dumb or illiterate to have a valid form of ID.

    These two examples clearly show how racists Libtards are in fact by always regarding people of colour as victims and not giving them them credit or agency for their own actions.

    Libtards are known for applying the same tactics in real life as spoiled children on the playground, they try to change the rules of the game multiple times in a very short period of time to compensate for their shortcomings and when they don’t get what they want they pose as victims, crying and accusing the other kids that they are mean. Examples include: Imaginary genders, meaning of words, equality of outcome, etc.

    Even if Libtards are very emboldened, vocal, they skew facts without shame and they have no regard for logic thus having the ability to claim any ridiculous thing as true in order to fit their narrative, some facts are so hard to ignore that they simply can’t just change the rules and instead choose not to discuss them at all and keep them taboo. For example Libtards support and promote women and gay rights while also supporting and promoting Islamism which directly contradicts the former two. No Libtards will ever speak against Islam or against the execution of gay people by followers of the Islamic religion and they would not condemn anybody who follow the anti gay teachings of Islam and it’s ideology. Libtards will also consider it a criminal act and a women rights oppression if anyone (white) dares to tell them that their clothes are too revealing but at the same time Libtards support hijabs and burquas as an empowering garment for Muslim women who get stoned to death if they dare to take them off.


    • dalepertcheck says:

      I have coined my own word. It is conservatard. This is someone who is so consumed by conservative political ideals that (s)he cannot understand how anyone can disagree with her/his political positions. In addition innumerable conservatards are easily bought off when Republican office holders pass tax cuts which throw a small amount of money to common folks, and write gigantic loopholes into tax laws so that many giant corporations, and many of the top officials in those giant corporations, save multi-millions of dollars every year. Many billionaires, and many multi-billion dollar companies actually pay NO FEDERAL TAXES AT ALL!! ZERO!
      Do most conservatards pay zero federal income taxes? NO! That’s why they are conservatards! They think that they are doing well. Republican office holders use your tax dollars to buy your votes. And, it works!


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