About Roland

Organization Development Consultant. Visionary Philosopher.
Retired Government Bureaucrat, Professor, and Politician. Political scientist, observer, commentator, and blogger am I.

Still alive, kicking, and calling it as I see it! Bluntly honest am I; it always gets me in trouble with folks who cannot accept the honesty of verbally and written expressive thought. I am who I am; that is all that I am. Love me for who I am, or at least be honest and tell me you really don’t like me, rather than smiling at me to my face and talking negatively about me behind my back.

I grew up on East Northgate Parkway in Toledo, Ohio and graduated from Whitmer Senior High School in 1965.

From January 2003 and May 2015, I had houses in both Lucas County, Ohio and Maricopa County, Arizona; and, I split my time between the two of them. I have since returned as a fulltime resident of Ohio.

My paternal grandparents were born in Denmark and were wed in Elk Horn, Iowa where my father was born. My mother always said that she was born in Russia and more precisely in Podolia Guberniya which is located within the area now known as Ukraine, but had formerly been part of the Soviet Government of Russia, also known as the Russian Empire. She, her older sister, and their mother (my grandmother) fled Europe and had to wait in Havana, Cuba for seven years before being admitted into the United States. I was born in Toledo, Ohio.

My parents, both now deceased, may they rest in peace, were of different religions. My father was Lutheran. My mother was Jewish. I observe Judaism and practice the Jewish religion.

I have been a professional public administrator; an elected official; a college-level instructor of public administration, political science, psychology, and sociology; an organizational development consultant; a trainer for employee development; a social worker; a union official; a political operative; a community activist; a shoe salesman and manager; a tour guide; a factory worker; a fast food restaurant employee; and, a custodian.

I am an inductee and member of Pi Alpha Alpha and Pi Sigma Alpha.

My personal political perspective may be described as that of a Social Liberal, Fiscal Moderate Democrat.

Having retired from the local government sector and from college faculty back on July 1, 2002 with thirty-three years of extensive employment and volunteer service in governmental, educational, nonprofit, political, labor, professional, and civic/community/charitable organizations has allowed me to devote more time to my long established self-employed endeavors as a Consultant to Nonprofit Organizations in addition to being a Political Consultant.

Retirement from full-time employment has also allowed me to travel extensively.

A little known fact about me: I received Credentials of Ministry from the Universal Life Church, Inc.(ULC) whose headquarters are in Modesto, California. Immediately after having received my ministry credentials, I filed the necessary paperwork to be listed as clergy with the Ohio Secretary of State; I also filed the necessary paperwork with Lucas County in Ohio that permits me to officiate at weddings. I am Jewish and appreciate all Jewish denominations. Because of the flexibility of the ULC, I am permitted to use the title of Rabbi. While I was born an Orthodox Jew, I was raised and confirmed in Reform Judaism. However, I attend services of Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Jewish congregations. I consider myself to be an adherent of Jewish Universalism; and therefore, I may be considered to be a Jewish Universalist.