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This page is dedicated to my grandmother Rose (Ruchel) Tansky Lerman Cohen, my mother Pearl (Perl, Pola, Paula) Lerman Hansen, and my aunt Betty (Bassie) Cohen Quiroga. Enjoy!

List of English words of Yiddish origin from Wikipedia

Yiddish words used in English from Wikipedia

Der Bay, The Bridge to World-Wide Yiddish, The Yiddish Website.

The Yiddish pages on the now-defunct blog Grow-A-Brain.

The First Words You Learn.

The Yiddish Handbook: 40 Words You Should Know.

The Gantseh Megillah Yiddish glossary.

The glossary from Bubby® Gram.

Yiddish Dictionary Online.

Yiddish Sayings, Proverbs, Phrases, Aphorisms, Curses, and Insults.

Wikipedia in Yiddish. No transliteration here; it is real Yiddish written in the Hebrew alphabet.

Yiddish Radio Project.

The Yiddish Voice.

The Jewish Daily Forward, online weekly Forward newspaper. Yiddish version in Hebrew script.

The Jewish Daily Forward, online weekly Forward newspaper. English version.

The Dora Teitelboim Center, Golden Age of Yiddish Radio.

Refoyls Yidish veb-bletl

Yiddish Typewriter

UYIP with Unicode: Understanding Yiddish Information Processing with Unicode

A Users’ Guide to Yiddish on the Computer
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Blitspost un Vebzaytlekh (Email & WebPages) af Yidish

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