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2016 Winter Solstice

I am writing this Roland’s Ramblings blog entry from my home in Toledo, Ohio as the Winter Solstice is about to arrive. The official start of winter this year is at our doorstep and is soon to be upon us. … Continue reading

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Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary, Judy Rosenberg Hansen!

Happy Anniversary to my bashert, my wife, Judy Rosenberg Hansen. We met on November 6, 1965. We got engaged in June 1966 to be wed in June 1967. Then, on November 13, 1966, you went away for awhile. On March … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Roland. Sagittarius Reigns Supreme!

Today was my birthday! My zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Well, in addition to November 26 being my birthday, check out this: Importance of November 26 And on the actual date of my birth, there was the UN Debate on Palestine … Continue reading

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Traveling With Pets.

From the home page of “Traveling with pets is easy with our guide to pet friendly vacation rentals, hotels and motels, beaches, campgrounds, restaurants & bars, airports, shopping malls, dog parks and much more!” Visit the Pet Friendly Travel … Continue reading

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Pat Paulsen – The Man Who Would Be President

Bonus!  A Roland’s Ramblings Encore Presentation:           * President Pat Paulsen,  Posted on September 29, 2008

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I am still trying to be a better person.

Back on August 16, 2014, I conluded my Roland’s Ramblings entry with the following paragraph: When Rich died, I made a pledge in his honor to try to be a better person. As I think of Rich each day, I … Continue reading

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Treat Others More Gently With More Love, Patience, Tolerance, Care, And Kindness

Back on August 7, 2015, I posted the following on an internet social network site that I now wish to place on Roland’s Ramblings: All you folks who are bashing other people, either as individuals or as groups, on Facebook … Continue reading

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