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A Spark Of An Idea!

So, I saw something online that lit a spark within me. I mean what I read got me to thinking; and, it gave me a spark of an idea about a Spark. Ima notta versa , er, I mean I am not versed, in … Continue reading

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Whether In Denmark Or Not: Danish Weather; Climate in Denmark.

The Encyclopedia of the Nations has an entire section devoted to Denmark that you can read if you click over to the preceding embedded link. Of its many web pages, one subsection states: Denmark has a temperate climate, the mildness … Continue reading

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Salt Cellar. Salt River. Dead Sea. Salt Therapy. Halotherapy. Speleotherapy.

Back in 2004, my wife, Judy, and I dined for the first time in the Salt Cellar. Our Maricopa County, Arizona home is just a few miles from the Salt River and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. We can … Continue reading

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Lightning, A Discharge Of The Electrical Kind

Last night, I was witness to a fantastic light show in the night sky as part of an electrical storm that hit my neck of the woods. This was one of the best natural light shows I have ever seen. … Continue reading

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Psychic Vampires

A person who take energy from another person just might be a psychic vampire. If you have ever felt sudden fatigue while another person with whom you have been in contact has appeared to have had a surge in energy, … Continue reading

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