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The Truth Is Out There

  The Truth Is Out There.

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Fairy Circles

From Wikipedia (as of June 29, 2012), we read: Fairy circles are enigmatic barren patches, typically found in the grasslands of the western part of southern Africa. They are most prolific in Namibia, but are also present in Angola and … Continue reading

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NASA’s Alien Anomalies

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Do You Have A Feeling For The Future?

Do you know what the future has in store for you? If you do, you already know that there is a test at the end of this Roland’s Ramblings. Some people may indeed be able to see into the future … Continue reading

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Dreamy Draw

There is a dreamy draw about Phoenix, Arizona. I kid you not. “… The Dreamy Draw Recreation Area is reached from Northern Avenue, just east of 16th Street. … Dreamy Draw has picnic ramadas, an equestrian staging area, and a … Continue reading

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Project X. The X Files.

According to Wikipedia, Project X may refer to: In entertainment: Project X (1968 film), a science fiction film featuring Christopher George Project X (1987 film), a 1987 film starring Matthew Broderick Project X (2012 film), a comedy film Project X … Continue reading

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Is it Leprechaun Day, Yet?

What do you call a “very small sprite” who at times might just live in a farmhouse or a wine cellar? The answer to that question is found in this embedded link to the Encyclopedia Mythica™ Leprechaun article. You may … Continue reading

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