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Why hasn’t NASA sent humans to Mars? – Business Insider

It’s not a matter of technology or innovation. Source: Why hasn’t NASA sent humans to Mars? – Business Insider Advertisements

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Plain Ol’. Plano.

Plain ol’ as in plain old. Well, there is: Plain Ol’ Food plain ol’ water Plain Ol’ As And, there is: POD POJO POSH POTS POW POX And, then, there is: Plano

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Bob Loblaw, Jesus, and Me.

The other day, I noticed that one of my Roland’s Ramblings Jewish-related entries that was also in regards to my mother had been spammed several times with the lowest possible level on the rating scale for that blog entry. Furthermore, … Continue reading

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Blog Problem Solved.

Yesterday I wrote about my Blog Problem. Today, I write about the problem being solved after trying and trying and trying and trying. After having said “I give up” and “I quit” both ad nauseum and ad infinitum, I still … Continue reading

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A New Chapter: Mars One. Life On Mars. Live On Mars.

Is there life on Mars? I do not know if there is at this very moment. I do know there will be life on Mars if you are willing to live on Mars. Life on Mars can be a reality. … Continue reading

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Preface – Make sure to click on the embedded links in the following Roland’s Ramblings entry in order to fully appreciate what it is all about. Wow! Take a look at these GEMs! I saw a real GEM yesterday; but, … Continue reading

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Invisible Cars And Flying Cigars

Mercedes-Benz has made its new B-Class car “invisible.” Well, actually, the car isn’t really invisible, but it does create an illusion of invisibility. Watch the video of the Invisible Mercedes. If you want to read about this very intriguing concept … Continue reading

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