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Sadfishing, Cries for Help, Depression, Social Media, Older Adults

It can be difficult to tell if a person is looking for support, sympathy, or if the person is at risk for harming themselves. This is due to the fact that social media often lacks context and the ability to … Continue reading

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Senior Loneliness

“Loneliness in seniors is a major risk factor for depression. Numerous studies over the past decade have shown that feeling lonely is associated with more depressive symptoms in both middle-aged and older adults. It is critical to recognize those feelings … Continue reading

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Is Roland Louis Hansen a Political Scientist?

“Political scientists study the origin, development, and operation of political systems. They research political ideas and analyze governments, policies, political trends, and related issues.” ~ ref: Bureau of Labor Statistics > Occupational Outlook Handbook > Life, Physical, and Social Science … Continue reading

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Senior Citizen Discounts 2019, USA

From I’m Loving Retirement, read 14 Incredible Offers Seniors Are Taking Advantage Of In 2019 To get your senior citizen discount at most of these business, you need to ask because they do not automatically give the discount to you.

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Facts and Selective Perception. Troy Neff. Ditch Cuyahoga.

Give me the facts. “Just the facts, ma’am.” This morning, I read the following in a Wikipedia article: Selective perception is the process by which individuals perceive what they want to in media messages while ignoring opposing viewpoints. It is … Continue reading

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YWOTD: אַלטער קאַקער – Alter Cocker

While some people may call an alter cocker an old dog, an alter cocker is not a breed of dog. Alternative transliteration spellings of the Yiddish phrase אַלטער קאַקער alter cocker are: alte kaker, alta kaker, alte kocker, alter kocker, alter kaker, alte … Continue reading

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Speaking Of Respect

I read an interesting article on the internet about respect. It opens with the following: We all have certain expectations in life of how we want to be treated. When we’re reasonable with our expectations, when we don’t expect too … Continue reading

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