FACT: Guns make it easier to kill people.

Gun lovers and political conservatives are fond of stating that guns don’t kill people. They proclaim that people kill people, ergo, we should not “blame” the gun; and, then in a strawman argument, they try to equate that we don’t blame the car when a drunken driver causes an accident that killed people.

Well, what about this guns and killing stuff?

I have had many exchanges with people in person and via the internet on this topic; but, no matter how much I try to stick with pure simple facts, the passion with which gun lovers approach the topic always becomes emotional.

Whenever I have stated that guns were invented for the purpose of killing, the gun proponent always comes back with some kind of passionate response in favor of guns. It does not matter that I stated a simple fact and nothing more. It is not an opinion; it is not “blaming the gun” as the gun proponents often allege.

Let me give you word for word, the response I have given on Facebook and other internet paces when encountering the type of thing I wrote about in the first paragraph up above.

SIMPLE FACT: Guns were invented for the sole purpose of killing.
ANOTHER SIMPLE FACT: Cars were invented for the sole purpose of transportation.
Why argue or dispute simple facts; they are not opinions.

Yes, I know that knives and swords and axes and hammers and even cars have been instruments of death used by people in the killing of other people.


I realize there are many responsible people out there in the real world who own guns. But, there are also many looney tunes out there, as well. Indeed, in my humble opinion, I think the National Rifle Association is irresponsible in their defense of guns. I even wrote something about that all-powerful political lobbying organization on my other blog, Roland Hansen Commentary. I invite you to read it, just head on over to:
National Rifle Association: The NRA is Full of Idiots

How about some other facts about guns and killing? Or, would you rather not know facts?

For those persons interested in facts, I suggest you take a look at this:
Timeline of Worldwide School and Mass Shootings, Gun-related tragedies in the U.S. and around the world


Thoughts, anyone?


About Roland Louis Hansen

I have been: an organization development consultant; a college-level instructor of political science, psychology, and sociology; a public administrator; a social worker; an elected official; a political operative; a community activist; a union official; a shoe salesman and manager, a factory worker; a fast food restaurant employee; and, a custodian.
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5 Responses to FACT: Guns make it easier to kill people.

  1. cwmartin13 says:

    Okay… explain how the cities with the toughest gun control laws have the most gunshot deaths. Just sayin’.


    • Simple answer, CWMartin – They have more guns per capita.


      • cwmartin13 says:

        So then, you’re saying that these tough gun control laws are FAILING to control gun possession. In that case, perhaps it is not the law or the politics that need changed, but the paradigm- why are they killing? Answer: No value placed on life. Until respect and love for life is restored, even confiscation won’t solve the problem.


      • No, CWMartin, I never stated that which you attribute to me. That is totally your spin. That being said, I do agree to a large extent with your statement of “No value placed on life.”


      • cwmartin13 says:

        I was just extrapolating. Point: I stated the statistical fact that the four highest murder rate cities have four of the toughest gun control laws. Point: You said that these cities have more guns PER CAPITA. More people have more guns. Ergo, whatever their gun control laws are, they aren’t working. That’s not spin, that’s cold logic. And you pointed out the PC thing, so it was in your court.


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